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Framed Shell Art

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All of my artwork is inspired by the splendor of the ocean. I enjoy painting seashore scenes, especially pathways through the dunes, shorebirds, and waves crashing on the rocks. Lighthouses are also included in my work. My medium is acrylic, either on watercolor paper using a wet on wet technique, or on wood using the full strength of the paint. I sometimes include tiny broken shells, sand, driftwood or seagull feathers to add interest and texture to my paintings. . In addition to painting, my shell art includes framed shell designs displaying the natural beauty of sea-life. My large, painted sand dollars make unique gifts.  Please visit the gallery to see some examples of my work.


To my wonderful customers who have purchased notecards and know the proceeds go towards clean water wells in an African village, THANK YOU for your support! We visited Ethiopia in June, 2015 with Water To Thrive. Since returning from our trip we have shared our story with various organizations and 24 more wells have been funded! Each well supports 400-500 people. We will continue to raise funds for families who do not have access to clean water.


Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing any items. Custom orders welcomed.

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